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Bringing premium talent to any location in the world to create exciting, memorable experiences in which the talent appears life-size in the same space with the audience

Holographic and 1:1 Interactive Experiences


Golcan-Media is a media and content company that specializes in cutting-edge interactive productions, content, and broadcasts. The company’s breakthrough holographic (3D) and other innovative technologies make it possible for the first time to bring world-class entertainers, celebrities, lecturers, and experts to almost any location in the world, creating exciting and memorable experiences in which the speaker or performer appears in the same space as the audience, in life size. To create the optimal “live” (1:1) viewing experience, Golcan-Media systems operate on advanced holographic (3D) screens or portable high-resolution F2F-HD screens, to match specific needs.

Strengthening connections, building community
The 3D-Israel Club: Face-to-Face with Israel

Bringing Israel to Jewish communities worldwide with the most captivating lectures, performances, people and stories from Israel in your community every week.


Tech-driven guest experiences for hotels

A new revenue for hotels based on highly memorable experience that guests talk about and can’t wait to repeat


Enhance university events and conferences 

Bringing world-class experts and lecturers to universities, schools, research institutions, conferences, and seminars 


Enrich corporate events with premium speakers and performers

Bringing world-class performers and celebrities to delight guests at corporate events


Attention-grabbing 3D holographic and life-like sales promotions

Memorable interactive advertising and flexible promotions


Save family messages in 3D for future generations

Hold life-size family interactive reunions with participants from all over the world



6 Raul Wallenberg St., Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv

69719, Israel


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