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Content-Driven Guest Experience Solutions
for Hotels

A new revenue stream for hotels based on highly memorable experiences that guests talk about and can't wait to repeat

With its unique technology, Golcan-Media brings world-class high-demand singers, musicians and music groups, stand-up comedians, celebrities, experts on sport, health, and wellness, and educational and social activities from different countries to create a completely life-like experience for guests over the entire course of their stay. Guests are not only able to see these world-class performers and speakers as if they were right there on the stage near them, but are also able to interact with them and engage in Q&As. The experience involves all the senses, and an exciting feeling of viewing a live performance created especially for them.


Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” welcomes guests in the hotel lobby (single 1:1 F2F system).

Increase hotel revenue:

  • Savings in manpower costs and provide off-hour amenities, activities, and service at a very low cost;

  • New advertising streams  - Promote hotel offerings (such as restaurants, spa, etc.) and businesses, services, products, and events through paid advertisements;

  • Added interest encourages longer stays, increased food and beverage sales, and rate of repeat bookings and referrals, with higher occupancy all year round;

  • Reinforce hotel brand with customized content and entertainment events;

  • Upgrade conferences, business meetings, and corporate events by bringing world-class speakers and performers in real time to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for attendees and guests;

  • Satisfy guests’ entertainment needs and activities 24/7 at a low cost (for example, in the bar, swimming pool, gym, and mini-club);

  • Boost PR opportunities and positive reviews on social media, and position the hotel as  leader in innovative guests experiences;

  • Hook for attracting new target markets.


Live music in the lobby (double 1:1 F2F system)


Live performance of Shlomo Artzy and Avi Singolda (triple 1:1 F2F screen) in the hotel’s auditorium 


Beachside performance (outdoor, full daylight on portable system)

Delight your guests:

  • Active guest information stations at key hotel locations featuring celebrities or hotel manager, to greet guests and provide information on hotel amenities and nearby sites, services, and activities;

  • 24/7 access to all types of content for all interests and ages, streamed to the hotel lobby, gym, bar, lounge, conference room, pool, etc.

  • Enjoy performances, fashion shows, concerts, lectures, yoga classes, meditation sessions, stand-up comedy shows, and “garden parties” with world-famous DJs during all hours of the day.

עניבה אדומה.jpg

Performances and lectures (holographic system)


Interactive activities for children (real-time holographic system)

חייל וכלב.jpg

Interactive activities for children (real-time holographic system)

Technological solutions and support

  • Golcan-Media provides hotels with all the equipment and software required to operate the systems and stream the broadcasts, including technical support, providing hotels with rich, diverse content 24/7.  

Portability for added flexibility

  • Golcan-Media also offers portable systems that can be operated in different sites in the hotel (lobby, conference hall, café, poolside area, or rooftop). For example, a system can be placed in the gym for morning exercise classes, in the afternoon in the kiddies’ playroom, in the cafes and bars in the evening, and near the pool or on the dance floor at night, and can be easily be adapted for use in conferences.


Performances and lectures (holographic system)


Fashion show (indoor, portable system)


Using Golcan-Media’s systems for advertising  the hotel’s dining options


Bring family members from across the world to a hotel event (live, holographic)


Bring Tony Robbins to the hotel in a life holographic event


Using Golcan-Media’s systems for advertising


Performances and lectures (holographic system)


Using Golcan-Media’s systems for advertising


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