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Bringing Israel to Jewish Communities Worldwide
With the most captivating lectures, performances, people, and stories every week

This new platform is a powerful way to bring together community members of all generations, giving them a good reason to come to the community center on a weekly basis to connect with Israel, its people, and their Jewish identity. The 3D Israel Club is an innovative addition to Jewish communities’ efforts to remain relevant and up-to-date. With a small outlay, Jewish communities can bring select curated content from Israel to create customized community events.    


World-class speakers in an exciting life-size experience on your community stage
(above: Prof. Dan Shectman, Nobel Prize-winning scientist)

The 3D-Israel Club is broadcast on breakthrough 3D holographic technology developed by ARHT and other innovative projection technologies that create the feeling that the speakers are right in the room with the audience in life-size, from head to toe. This new, exciting experience is nothing like regular video or conventional streamed broadcasts: The speakers and performers feel as if they are in the room, right next to the audience and can even participate in live discussions and Q&A sessions with the audience.


General Amnon Reshef

The 3D-Israel Club platform includes a wealth of content in holographic broadcasts from Israel for all age groups, individuals, and families:

  • World-class lectures for adults and young people by Israel’s leading figures and experts on a host of a broad range of topics. Meet People whose personal history is intertwined with the history of Israel: statesmen, IDF and Mossad personnel, politicians and leading figures in the fields of culture and entertainment.


Prof. Eitan Friedman, researcher in cancer and population genetic

  • Viewers will also meet Israeli start-up CEOs; hear talks by experts on health and wellness, relationships, happiness, psychology, the brain and memory, Israeli and Jewish history, Zionism, archaeology, Judaism and the Bible, and listen to scientists report on the latest in cutting-edge research and medicine to name just a few.


Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, historian, philosopher and best-selling author

  • Performances by contemporary and classical Israeli musicians, musical groups, singers, and entertainers.


Tel Aviv Chamber Orchestra performing Bach

  • Interactive talks on programs in Israel - Birthright (Taglit), Masa programs, volunteer programs, kibbutz stays, volunteering on archeological digs, IDF service, academic studies, graduate programs, etc. 

  • Weekly interactive activities for children and teens.


 “The Uncle Haim” Show 

  • Private family events and reunions connecting family members across the globe in life-size. 


Israel:  Get insights from the people involved
The most interesting stories.
The most exciting experiences.


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