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 Broadcasting systems for universities

Broadcasting systems and content packages for universities, research institutions, colleges, schools, conferences and seminars, Themed and special-interest packages.


With a Golcan-Media system you can now bring the best speakers from all over the world to your university, college, school, conference or course, as never before possible, giving your studPents or trainees the sense that the speaker is right there in the auditorium with them, including all their  accompanying presentations and illustrative materials. In live broadcasts, students and attendees can conduct an interactive discussion with the speaker (who sees everyone in the audience) and conduct a live Q&A.

Nobel prize winners, start-up CEOs, heads of state, senior researchers and scientists, famous athletes, and world-class experts can now be part of your course, whether in a school, a college, or a university, or at a conference or training course, at any place and at any time, creating enormous savings of time and money.

עניבה אדומה.jpg

Golcan-Media’s cutting edge 3D broadcasts benefit all parties: Speakers no longer have to spend the time to fly around the world on speaking engagements, and organizers no longer have to cover transportation costs, accommodations, and high fees.

In the photo: Prof. Yuval Noah Harari during real-time presentation

Golcan-Media also develops, produces, and streams content specially designed for municipal and community centers, senior living homes, hospitals, religious institutions and communities, military bases, youth movements, and more.

In the photo: Major General Amnon Reshef who served as the 14th Brigade Commander in the Yom Kippur War, talks about the brigade role during the war. The brigade played the key role in the crossing battle and the breakthrough of the Egyptian defense line and crossed the Suez Canal on October 19, 1973.


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